UGC Sites

Ondema for UGC Sites

With Ondema, UGC sites can let users easily generate and buy tangible products that features user  content!

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Personalised Experience

Users create content on site like meme or custom designed image.



Users buy products that feature that content directly from your website, by clicking a button


Online to Offline Benefits

Gain brand awareness, better retention and new revenues by extending users' experience offline using tangible products

Ondema meets the user in her or his native environment in which they spend time organically and feel at home. This way, every content page becomes point of sale !

How it works


Add Snippet Code to Site

Users choose content they like, such as a funny image or quote, directly from article they read. This is done by clicking a button located on the content itself.



Every Image becomes Point Of Sale

By clicking the button, a pop up will open feature the Image on tangible products.



We Handle Everything

When a user clicks the image he like, the platform generate dynamic shop per each image their user can continue to checkout. The entire process from shop generating to fulfillment is handled by Ondema.

This is how it looks

upload image

How do i start?

Once you open an account and set up, you receive a snippet of code. Paste this code on pages you’d like to sell content from, and then your users can start purchasing merchandise that feature that content from those pages.

Wide Selection of Products

Each image get instant shop with 20+ products ready for made per order production and with world wide fulfillment.