Ondema Features

Our Solution

One of the great things about working with Ondema is that  you are in control of full commerce solution with zero overheads.



Powerful Shop Platform

Each Ondema button is attached to powerful white labeled shop. When a user clicks the image he like, the platform create dynamic shop per each image. our partner enjoys full 360 eCommerce solution.

  • High Usability UI
  • Enterprise Level Hosting
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Secure Payments
  • Customer Support

Easy Start

Once you’re logged in, you follow an easy walk through to set up your Ondema button, connect your PayPal account so you can receive payments. Then, you are provided with a snippet of code.

Once you place this code on pages you’d like to sell content from, your users can immediately make purchases.

No Worry's!!

Full Solution at your hand

With Ondema  you are in control of the types of products you sell and their prices. When it comes to receiving payment, you’ll see in our dashboard how much revenue you’ve earned in a given month. When it comes to billing receipts, customer service, shipping and product returns, Ondema manages everything.

With Ondema, you can bridge the gap between your online and offline presence with tangible merchandise!

Full eCommerce Solution

White labeled customer shopping experience, basket and checkout

Multi-Device Support

Works on desktop, mobile and tablet versions of your website

No Credit Card Needed

Your users pay with Ondema cart and you collect your earnings at your choice

Global Production Network

No inventory, no overheads and worldwide fulfillment

Easy Set-up

Installation is quick and simple using one script with support for multiple platforms

24/7 Customer Support

Our support team makes sure that your customers are happy with their orders