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We want our partners to feel 100% sure that their reputation is protected with Ondema. For this purpose, you can order samples and evaluate Ondema’s products and the service.

Ondema Product's Aspect Ratio Method

In order to avoid distortion of images when placed on products, Ondema places images on products according to the aspect ratio of the image. The aspect ratio of an image describes the proportional relationship between its width and its height.



To upload your own photo, use the “choose file” button. Otherwise, just use the sample photo provided.


Click the Ondema button to open the popup, and then click the “get it” button to go to the shop.


Please insert the suitable aspect ratio image per product category (landscape products should receive landscape images, etc).


Once you are in the shop, add products to your basket and go through the checkout process.

Please note-

  • Sample products are sold at cost price.
  • There are products that fit with all image aspect ratios ( T-shirt) and some products are fit to specific product aspect ratio (phone cases fit only portraits) so check out all of the following aspect ratios store samples.
  • There is no need to order products that are showed in all categories more than one sample in order to check the product quality.
  • You must upload suitable image to aspect ratio in upload image box, if not, the image won’t be uploaded to system.


Landscape Products

Landscape Aspect Ratio: The width of an image is longer than its’ height.

Products in category:

  1. Canvas Wraps
  2. Accessory Pouches
  3. Throw Pillow
  4. T Shirts
  5. Tank Tops
  6. Sweatshirts
  7. Hoodies

Square Products

Square Aspect Ratio: The width and height of an image are equal.

Products in category:

  1. Tote Bags
  2. Canvas Wraps
  3. Throw Pillow
  4. T Shirts
  5. Sweatshirts
  6. Hoodies

Portrait Products

Portrait Aspect Ratio: The height of an image is longer than its’ width.

Products in category:

  1. Phone Cases
  2. Canvas Wraps
  3. T Shirts
  4. Sweatshirts
  5. Hoodies