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Ondema for Fund Raising

With Ondema it’s easy to raise awareness and funds for charity causes. In addition, Ondema bridges the gap between online and offline messaging, with merchandise

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Raise Awareness

Reach out to readers with online discovery platforms


Get Funds

Raise money for your charity by selling merchandise



We handle manufacturing, shipping, and customer service

With Ondema, you can bridge the gap between your online and offline presence with tangible merchandise! This makes raising awareness and funds for your goal more exciting than ever.  Craft a message that resonates with your community, and they will be your cause ambassadors spreading the word out.

How it works

1. Create Great Content

Create article post that resonates with your users base, and share about your cause mission.

2. Add Images to Article

Embed your article with images you would like to sell on tangible products.

3. Spread the Word

Once done, embed the Ondema snippet on your site (or end us mail and we do it for you) and publish your article via content discovery platforms (Taboola, Outbrain etc.) so people could hear about your message.

4. Readers become supporters

Now readers can read about your cause, and would be able to support it by buying merchandise with image they like, direct from inside article.

5. We Handle Everything

Once a buyer places an order we’ll take care of order production and shipping. You focus on your cause while our platform makes you a new revenue stream.

Why James Smith Is good for America 2020?

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The former mayor of Atlanta, Smith is running on a values-heavy message of love, unity and “a revival of civic grace.” The 50-year-old had an excellent debate in Detroit, besting Biden in an exchange over mass incarceration and the 1994 crime bill Biden championed. Smith has one of the most liberal voting records in the Senate,and he’s changed the conversation around federal cannabis legalization with his proposed Marijuana Justice Act. 

“I get angry when I see people depressed which don’t know what can be done in order to restore their confidence in our great state he told our magazine in a recent interview.

Help us creating the change, Support Sam Smith campaign 

I choose to be happy I choose James smith – Smith has disavowed from the modern time approach which saying that youth is depressed because they feel they don’t feel confident in their future and he strongly encourage young leaders to make the future they wish for them self a reality

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