Our Products

Our Products

All of our products made per order with world wide fulfillment. We currently offer over 50 products including sweatshirts, t-shirts, tote bags, phone cases, and wall canvas, and we’re always adding more products.


Where does the products are manufactured ?

Most of our vendors are located in the USA and all the products sold to USA market are made in USA and have worldwide distribution. In addition, we have number of international manufacturers optimal results for international customers.

How long do orders take to get fulfilled?

Products are send to production within 24 hours of placing order. Production time is up to 5 business days and take 3 business days on average. shipping time is varied depending on the products ordered and the country the product send to.If an order is submitted after 5 pm EST, the next day is considered to be the first day of SLA.

What is the product packing material?

Most of our products shipped at poly-bagged or carton envelop without Ondema branded label

What are the base colors of products?

The base color for all of our products is white. our Canvas Wraps is with black wrap.