Ondema VS Shopify

Ondema VS Shopify

There are fundamental differences between Ondema and Shopify:

What is Ondema?

Ondema is a SaaS eCommerce solution specifically designed for content publishers. It lets website users click a button located on content, and buy products that feature that content directly from the website. Ondema handles every aspect of commerce, including product generation, payment, product production, delivery and customer satisfaction, so that publishers can focus on what they do best — content generation. This is how it looks in action:


What is Shopify?

Shopify is a traditional eCommerce cart, which offers sellers a suite of tools and services for running an eCommerce operation. These include tools for creation and customization of an online store, as well as other essential tools for managing inventory, products, payments and shipping. It is cloud-based and hosted, so that store owners don’t have to worry about upgrading or maintaining software or web servers.


So what is the big difference?

The main difference stems from the fact that while Shopify stores sell a limited variety of pre-defined products, Ondema turns content into products dynamically, so it enables every content publisher to sell an endless variety of obscure or niche designs that are dynamically generated from content. 

By doing so, every online publisher can sell small quantities of huge varieties to a virtually infinite amount of individual consumers, hence realizing the “Long Tail theory” of commerce, and accessing a potential revenue generator that has been completely out of reach before.

Moreover, since Ondema takes care of every aspect of commerce (including product generation, payment, product production, delivery and customer satisfaction), content publishers can focus on what they do best: creating content, while Ondema’s platform generates new revenues for them and strengthens their value proposition. This is fundamentally different from Shopify, in which it is up to the store owner to handle all those tedious chores.

Some other differences… as well:

Monthly Fee: Ondema is completely free of charge. Shopify isn’t and provides five pricing plans, ranging from $9 to $299 of pre defined plans.

Setup time: Ondema’s setup takes minutes and you’re good to go. In Shopify, it is a longer process, because the store owner needs to set up products, inventory, payment gateway, etc.


So, let’s sum it up

While Shopify is a traditional shopping cart experience, Ondema is a completely new way of doing just that, which abstracts much of the burden away: 0 cost for the content publisher, almost no setup time, an endless variety of products that are dynamically generated, worldwide fulfilment, full customer support, and more. 
This enables any content publisher to focus on creating great content, while Ondema gives them the backing they need in order to add an eCommerce element to their core value proposition, with 0 risk involved.


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