Ondema — New Monetization Platform for Online Publishers


Ondema — Monetization Platform for Online Publishers


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Online publishing sites are in many cases the place where users spend time organically and feel at home. Their traditional business model was based on selling ad space to advertisers, but lately, many are diversifying by opening eCommerce operations of their own: the NY Times , BuzzFeed, and Instagram, to name a few.

This became more appealing than ever because the modern commerce stack allows anyone to easily spin up brands and products, using on demand production and 3rd party fulfilment solutions. As a result, entry barriers collapsed and any online publisher can start an eCommerce operation without many of the burdensome aspects of commerce and supply chain, which are simply abstracted away.

But, this is only the beginning. Since online publishers are positioned at the “intersection of everything”, the point where users meet content, they have a tremendous advantage when it comes to eCommerce: they have tons of information about their users which allows very specific targeting, they have advanced testing tools, and they already have an established audience of users on their sites. This means that they can target each user with tailored eCommerce offers, and monetize on that directly, instead of on just having those users click on ads and spend money elsewhere.

This is exactly what Instagram is doing with their new in-app checkout function, which replaces the older function that allowed users to tap on images of products and be linked to off-platform eCommerce. This is a great example of how merging media, commerce and technology allows any online publisher to monetize at the intersection where users meet content, on their platforms.

Ondema is changing the game

And this is where Ondema’s solution is of so much value for many publishers. It is a revolutionary yet simple way of adding eCommerce to your site, and monetizing at the intersection where users meet content (“the intersection of everything”). Essentially, it is content driven merchandise, by users.

It is a native, on-site solution, that lets users choose content they like from a website, such as a funny image or a text, and purchase products that feature that content. Users get an organic, non-intrusive shopping experience without ever leaving the website. This is how it works

A small button, the Ondema button, is added to content. 
When the user clicks on that button, a pop-up appears, featuring that content on different products. When the user clicks on the “get it” button on the pop-up, Ondema’s solution
dynamically generates an online store from the chosen content. 

Let’s unpack the benefits

Firstly, with Ondema, online publishers get an eCommerce solution available on their sites, without spending time or resources on setting up an online store.

Secondly, because Ondema handles production, shipping, payments and customer support, it also means that all the burdensome aspects related to eCommerce are abstracts away, so publishers can focus on what they do best — creating great content and providing an awesome user experience — while Ondema generates additional revenue for them. 

Thirdly, since Ondema’s solution generates products dynamically after users click on content, it also means that the amount of products available for users to choose from is not constrained by prior setup, hence virtually unlimited.

Fourthly, Ondema enables online publishers to strengthen their business models: from leaning mostly on ad space revenues, they can diversify their value proposition by offering their users products they’ll love.

Fifthly, Ondema’s solution gives online publishers a groundbreaking tool to immediately capitalize on every sizzling trend, as it builds, by virtue of generating products from content that users love. This negates the need to constantly research trends and prepare products in advance, since Ondema’s solution is fully ready to capitalize on every trend as it evolves, as long as the publisher generates the content.

Since setting up Ondema’s solution on a website is super simple and takes just a few minutes, it also means that every publisher out there is just a few minutes away from enjoying all those great benefits described above. 


How do you get Ondema?

It’s actually super simple! Go to Ondema’s website and follow the steps to open an account. Once done, you receive a snippet of code. Embed this code in the headline tags of pages of your site from which you want to sell content, and you’re good to go!

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