About Ondema Commerce Platform

About Us

What we did?

 Ondema developed a unique solution that enables generation of highly personalized products, to meet the liking’s of each and every consumer out there, specifically. 
This solution is applicable to any digital outlet in virtually every domain, such as gaming, hardcore news, publishing, or photography, to name a few. Adding the Ondema solution to a digital platform takes minutes, and once done, users can choose content they like from that platform by clicking a cool little button located on the content itself, and buy products that feature that content directly from the same platform. The process involves minimal friction from the consumers’ perspective, since no advertising or redirects are involved, but also from the platform-owner’s perspective, since Ondema handles payment, fulfillment, customer support and revenue share, through a transparent interface.


Our Vision

“Our vision is help individuals to express content they like and create personalized meaningful products”

Our Mission

”Our mission is becoming global leader for content commerce and provide on line publishers with most advanced technological commerce tools”

Why We Build It ?

The big deal is that Ondema meets the consumer in her or his native environment in which they spend time organically and feel at home. Therefore, the need to get the consumer to a store front is eliminated, since every content page in every digital environment becomes a store front! And on top of that, Ondema offers each individual consumer personalized products that fit their liking perfectly.