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Sell images from your website on tangible products

Allow site visitors to choose an image they like, click on a button located on the image, and buy products that feature that image directly from the website.

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How Does It Work?


Add our two line code to your web site and the Ondema button will appear on images you select


Now your users can choose any image they like from your website with ondema button


By clicking the button, users can buy products that feature the Image on tangible products directly from your website.



We handle all manufacturing, shipping, and customer service. You earn money per each sell.

Simple Solution

Once you place two line code on pages you’d like to sell content from, your users can immediately make purchases. we handle fulfillment and customer care while you just collect your earnings!

This is how it looks


Click the icon on the image


Click the icon on the image and visit shop generated per image automatically


A pop-up will appear with the image is embed on



Once an order is made, the product is sent to production and fulfilled world wide

Wide Selection of Products

Each image get instant shop with 20+ products ready for made per order production and with world wide fulfillment.

Flexible and Simple Pricing

You set the final retail price per each product, we only charge the base price after order is made . Hence, there are no up front cost in inventory.



Our product base prices to you are final. We earn only when you sell.

You control product selection, pricing and discounts, while payment, production, and delivery is handled by us.

We earn only when you sell and collect the base price from money paid for order. Hence, no up front cost to you!

Who Is It For?

Ondema is a perfect monetization solution for various domains


Monetize your content, with minimal friction for amazing user experience

Gaming Apps

Create a seamless experience of tailor made products, based on individual preferences


Harness the power of Ondema to raise funds online and spread the word offline